#5 Obedience Great Dane, the Delaney system 2002
#1 Novice Agility GDCA 2002,2007
#1 Open Agility GDCA 2006
Top Club Obedience Title Holder GDCGKC 2002

October 15, 1999-Aug. 28, 2011

Sire: Ch. Chanoz A Kind of Magic
Dam: Int. Ch. Liberty's Chelsea V Vindane CGC,TDI,TT


Vanna is my pick puppy from this exceptional litter. It was a very difficult choice as I had so many wonderful puppies to choose from. She promises to be a nice conformation puppy. She will be competing in obedience, agility, and tracking as well. She will be one busy girl! I look forward to owner handling her through her career.

Practice, practice, practice!

I will continue to update as her career progresses.

BOB in Lawrence, thank you Ms. Patricia Laurans.

Vanna now has 10 AKC points and has taken several BOB wins. She is also titled in obedience-CDX, UCD, rally-RA and should not have any difficulty completing her RE, and in agility-OA, AXJ, UAg1l as well. She has also attained her TDI-Therapy Dog International title and her TT-American Temperament Test Society certification.

Vanna is an Int. CH. She and her brother Scotty both attained their titles at the International show in Gray Summit in June 2001.

Vanna easily completed her CD title.

Vanna attained both her NA and NAJ titles on the same day with two clean runs and a second and first placing.

Vanna had a great time at the National. Although she did not get her third CDX leg and her title as I had hoped, she did well in conformation and agility. She placed third in the bred by class at the Specialty just before the National, and did make the cut twice in a very nice bred-by class at the National. She also got her second open standard leg in agility and won first place.

Vanna had a great weekend in Nebraska in November. She took WB/BOS as well as getting her third open leg in obedience, completing her CDX with a second place.

Wichita was an exceptional show weekend. Vanna completed her OAJ title with two 4th placements and a clean run. She was also RWB on Friday and Saturday, then took WB on Sunday.

Vanna has taken a break from the ring to become a mother. Her first litter arrived in March 2004. Click on the picture above to view this litter.

You can follow the career of her daughter, Liberty's Road To Rivendell CD,RE,NAP,NJP,CGC on her page.

Vanna came back into the ring to make her debut in utility at the 2004 Great Dane National. Although she didn't qualify, she had fun and gave an excellent performance.
She has since completed her excellent jumpers title in agility and is taking some more time off for one last litter. This litter, whelped April 7, 2005 can be viewed by clicking on the picture below.

Vanna has made a great start getting back into competition. She came very close to getting her first UD leg, only missing her second article, but did complete her rally novice title with a 98 out of 100.

Vanna acquired her first 2 RA legs with ease, with a 93 and 99.

She completed her RA at the GDC of Des Moines Specialty and went on to pick up two rally excellent legs. She again almost picked up her first UD leg-she passed all the "exercises", but forgot to heel at the beginning of the signal exercise. Oh, Vanna!

Vanna completed her rally excellent title with ease and a second place in Oct. 2005. She again came very close to picking up her first UD leg. She passed all the exercises except missed the signal to down from the stand-Oh, Vanna!

More titles? Of course! At 7 years young Vanna completed her RAE1 and maintained 1st place in rally excellent for most of 2006.

Vanna completed yet another title at the GDCA 2006 National. She placed second and completed her NJP title.

Vanna isn't finished yet! In 2007 she completed her RAE2, but her crowning glory-she acquired her UD!

She also competed in agility and conformation at the 2007 GDCA National and although she didn't qualify in agility-she had to be a ham for the crowd, she had a ball and amused everyone.

She placed 4th in the 8 and over veterans class-in a class of 9 bitches, all but 1 other had their championships.

Vanna at 9 years young and going strong. Vanna still competes in agility in open preferred at the National. She not only competes, she wins the class! Wow, you go girl!

So what does this gal do at 10? She wins the veterans class at the Specialty before the National. We didn't stay to the end of the National for the veterans class in the National this year. She took 3rd in veterans obedience, and although she did compete in agility, she dropped a bar so NQ'd. Not bad for a 10 year old!

At the 2010 National Vanna got to relax and enjoy herself, while her grand daughter, Winners, took the lime light winning in rally, obedience, agility and the prestigous Bred-By Exhibitor class, as well as being one of the last 5 standing for Winners Bitch at the end.

Chantel Johnson took this heart warming picture of Vanna and I taking one of our many quiet walks together at the National. Vanna holding my hand as we strolled side by side, heart to heart.

I want to express my sincere thanks to Chantel for catching this special moment between the two of us. I will cherish this photo forever. Some photos are truely worth a 1000 words.

It is unfortunate that they cannot live forever. Vanna lived nearly 12 years. From her first breath to her last, my deat Vanna spent nearly every moment at my side. She was fearless, tough, intelligent, full of love and life. She was the vision of what a Dane should be, from start to finish. I have so many wonderful memories-the time I set my cell phone on the steps and when I went back to get it, it was gone. I looked at Vanna and asked her to go find it. Off she went into the woods behind the house. Out she came with my cell phone in her mouth. I never would have found it on my own, but she seemed to know exactly what I wanted and where to go and get it. So smart she was. Then there was the time she seemed to be hiding something in her mouth. Upon opening it I found a baby bunny curled up on her tongue. Show mamma where you got the baby from, I told her. We were at the house at the time. She took me all the way to the barn, bunny on her tongue. She took me to the nest, we replaced the bunny, totally unharmed, though a tad dampish on thetongue side. I told her to leave it, and off to the house we went. She never looked back. Vanna had an exceptional ability to understand the spoken word or maybe it was just to understand my meaning. I don't know what it was excatly, but in many situations, she showed intuition above and beyond the norm. Her DNA seves in the Great Dane genome project so she will in that way live on forever, helping our breed. She lives on in my heart in a very special place. She was one of the Greats! Vanna passed away suddenly, she had been in excellent health. We were at a dog show, where she loved above all to be. I will say my girl "died with her boots on." She did not get old and decrepid and waste away, lying in bed. She was active to the end-perhaps the best for us all. I will remember her as vibrant, going on our daily walks together, her taking my hand, as she always did, giving me the head shake-come along mom, faster, I want my dinner! I was and will always be, proudly Vanna's mom.

Please visit her puppy pics page as well as her conformation page and her performance page for career updates and photos.

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