Liberty's Contessa V Vindane CD, CGC

October 11, 1993-May 15, 2004

Sire: Deutchlands Kodiac CD, CGC
Elms Lady Windsor V Vindane


Contessa is a strikingly marked mantle. Unfortunately she was born long before mantles were allowed in the conformatin ring so was not able to compete. She has a vibrant personality with a strong, intelligent mind, and a propensity for being fertile. After achieving her CD at a young age, I decided to breed her once she was old enough and had passed the proper health testing. She produced 16 puppies in her first litter. A big suprise for us both! Fortunately her mother was there to raise half the litter and saved the day. Contessa was bred a second time and again delivered 16 puppies. Quite a shock again. I swore I would never breed her again. She has produced several offspring that are being shown in conformation and obedience. She also has a daughter by frozen semen to the spectacular dog Ch. Caprata's Scoobydoo of Alpine. What a suprise to only have one. It just so happened that her sister had been bred, with 11 lovelies to care for. Contessa came to her sisters aide and raised half her sisters litter.

Contessa the morning before delivering her first 16 puppy litter. I think she was as miserable as she looks.

Contessa with her "little" friend, Spock, a Miniature Pinscher.

He stole my bone!

Where did he go?

Contessa loved to travel to shows and play show dog.

Even at the farm she could easily strike a pose. She is 6 here, after two 16 puppy litters no less.

Contessa, a statuesque beauty.

Contessa and Chelsea performed for the croud during the veterans parade at the GDCA 2000 National.

Contessa is taking a first in the veterans class. She is 8 yrs old.

Tessa is enjoying being out in the snow. She is over 10 years old here. You can't see him in these photos, but Junah, her favorite of all my Danes, is encouraging her to come play.

Contessa always loved the puppies. It didn't matter whether they were hers or not. She was enjoying the weather, and watching over Vanna's pups.

These photos were taken just a week before I had to say good-bye to Tessa. After Junah died so suddenly, she just seemed to give up. Without her Junah to share his energy and light, she just faded. Tessa was a dear sweet girl, and always a joy to have with me. She was the guardian of the pups, and she was my friend.

A classic.

At 10 years and 7 months, still a classic!


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