Int.Ch. Liberty's Chelsea V Vindane CGC,TDI,TT

October 11, 1993-Feb 15, 2002

Sire: Deutchlands Kociac CD, CGC
Dam: Elms Lady Windsor V Vindane


I had big plans for Chelsea as Winds delivered her into my hands. She has met and exceeded my expectations. She attained her International CH with ease, and her American Temperment Test Society certification. I hope to get her CD this year as well. She is a joy to be around, and work with. She has been owner handled to 8 of her 9 points, and only needs majors to finish her AKC CH. After spending a year chasing majors only to have them brake, I decided it was time to breed this exceptional bitch and try with one of her offspring. She has had three litters. Liberty's Braveheart, the only harle from a four puppy litter, has started his show career, and there will be six puppies from her second litter in the ring. The pups have competed in 3 matches so far and walked away with breed 3 times and one group 2 and a group 4. Her third breeding, a repeat of the second, produced five beautiful puppies, but none were show marked. She has produced quality consistantly.

Five of her offspring have their International Championships, one a Canadian Championship, another Canadian pointed, and two are AKC pointed and should finish in 2003. Several also have CGC's, TDI's as well as titles in obedience, agility and tracking.

I started practicing when Chelsea was young.

I remember being rained on on the way in to the show. It was worth it.

Another fun win. The judge really wanted me to move her out. She tended to get a bit lazey sometimes.

Chelsea with Linda Cain. The one point I didn't put on her, and probably her best picture.

Chelsea at 7 years young. Still as sound as ever.

Chelsea has the most wonderful personality. She is a joy to travel with. She was my first real attempt at showing conformation, and she taught me so much. Although she passes the torch on to her offspring she will be shown in veterans, and hopefully brood bitch in the future.

Chelsea taking third at the 2000 GDCA National in the 6-8yr old veterans class. At seven years young she still has it all together.

Chelsea and Contessa performed, to the amazement of the croud, in the veterans parade.

Chelsea with her beautiful brood at the 2000 GDCA National.

In June of 2001 Chelsea was diasgnosed with osteosarcoma. Her right hind leg was removed and she underwent chemotherapy as well as alternative therapies to insure her recovery. She was healthy and happy and in remission until Feb. of 2002 when she became ill and I lost her to another form of cancer. The story of Chelseas ordeal can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Chelsea celebrated her 8th birthday and was doing very well. She became very tired the end of Jan. 2002, and within two weeks she was gone. She had a wonderful attitude and a winning spirit that not even this unfortunate circumstance could undermine. She was and will remain an inspiration to me daily.

"A fight with cancer"

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