IntCh,UAg1,HIAgT Liberty's Mission Impossible CD,RE,OA,OAJ,NAP,NJP,CGC,TDI


Nov. 9, 2006-

Sire: Liberty's King Aragorn V Esq
Dam: Liberty's Spirited Away CD,CGC

2008 GDCA National High Agility Trial
2010 GDCA National:
1st BBE, 1st Rally-High Score, 2nd Obed Novice B, 1st Open P JWW
2010 Int.BOB, Group 1


Winners is a granddaughter if my beloved
Vanna. As a pup she was ornery, high energy and nick named the demon child from hell. Not anything like my eager to please, always wanting to do the right thing, easy going Vanna. Although she did exhibit the potential for Vanna's talent, and some of Vanna's manurisms. Winners was a bully. Strong on the outside, but soft on the inside. Getting in touch with her was a challenge, but I like a challenge. She was bright and eager to be a part of the action, so although her training began in obedience, it quickly turned to agility. She needed a faster pace. Her first year in agility was very successful. As was her first year in conformation. You can follow her career below.

Winners first show was as a 6 month old pup.

She showed well, but as you can see, some of her personality came through. I have to admit, Vanna pulled the same thing as a pup!

She seemed to enjoy being in the ring, and being the center of attention, but her conformation career would be on hold until her Aunt Arwenfinishes.

That did leave time to work on obedience and agility. She seemed bored with obedience, so our focus turned to agility. Finally some progress. Within her first year of agility, and very few trials, she titled in novice preferred standard and jumpers and took High in Agility at the GDCA National.

To follow all of Winners performance career, feel free to go to her performance page. But Winners taking HIAgT at the National was the icing on the cake at the end of the '08 competition year. 2008 started with a RWB to Arwen in Lake St Louis in Jan. Arwen took WB/BOW/BOB. Arwen is a full sister to Winner's father, so it wasn't so bad taking RWB just behind her.

Her next show was all her own and she took WB/BOW/BOB for her first point in Columbia in March.

She took winners and best of opposit the next day for another point and her conformation career was off to a good start, although she was still having to pass on the majors for Arwen.

She competed in her first agility trial in April, and although she didn't pick up any qualifying legs, she did an excellent job and I was very proud.

Her second trial was in May. It was at a strange show site, on a strange surface. She still managed to pick up her first agility legs.

June was conformation again. She picked up 2 more points. WB on day one, and WB/BOW on day two.

She had another agillity trial and easily completed her NAP and NJP just before the National.

She had another conformation show in September, again, just before the National and picked up 2 points, taking WB/BOS in the pouring rain.

Winners deveolped a bit of attitude in 09, not wanting to show in conformation, she just wouldn't behave at all. She only took WB/BOW once and the other shows mostly being majors didn't show well enough to take the points.

She was much more into agility. She finished her novice titles, as well as her open JWW title, however I found out after the fact her novice JWW title was was acquired with all 3 legs under the same judge so we lost all the legs of the open JWW title, had to go back and get 1 more novice JWW leg and start the open JWW all over again. A bit of a bummer, but we got it done and it gave us a good start to 2010.

Winners started 2010 with a new attitude. Her obedience training going well, her conformation attitude back in place and her agility career well under way. She showed well at her first show, majors of course, she didn't take the points, but showed very well. Her next show was Indpendence, she took WB 2 of the 3 days I showed her.

Winners next agility trial, she easily finished her open standard title and I moved her up to excellent for Wichita. She just needed 1 JWW leg and then I could move her to excellent in JWW. She picked that up in Wichita also. By April 2010 she was almost singled out in conformation, in excellent agility and almost ready for novice obedience and rally. You go Miss Winners!

Winners has now debuted in the rally and obedience rings. She entered the GDCA Dane Specialty in Rally Novice and won the class with a 98. Novice obedience started well, but she was feeling the stress by the sit stays and decided to follow me across the ring, so NQ at the end. It would not have been a stellar score, 184 1/2, we will do better next time.

Winners is now singled out and looking for majors to finish!
This judge, Mr. Marquis had some very nice comments about Winners substance, rock solid topline and angles. These were very much appreciated.

While on the hunt for majors, we will focus on obedience and when she is ready put some more titles at both ends for this deserving girl.

We took a break over the summer to train and take a much needed emotional break.

It seems to have paid off for Winners and I.
The GDCA National turned out to be Winners shining moment. She made me so proud. For a girl that was not fond of obedience, she started the National with flare. She won her rally class with a 99 and high score in rally. This also completed her title as she had picked up a second leg a month earlier, also with a 99 and a second place in open competition.

She went on, the next day, to take second in Novice B obedience with a score of 191. My dear Winners, the one that hated obedience, had out shown all my other obedience Danes! Way to go Winners.

BUT, Winners wasn't finished yet. With agility ahead of us, her best venue, I had high hopes, even though we had not competed since spring. Winners had a rough start, refusing the A-frame, this obsticle a family favorite in standard. She redeemed herself in jumpers. Giving a clean run and bringing in another 1st place.

With nearly a clean sweep in the performance venues, those now behind us, on to conformation. We were in the Bred-By Exhibitor class. Winners showed her heart out. She was rewarded for her effort! She won the class. What a wonderful and prestigous win at the National.

She continued to show well for Winners Bitch, making the final cut. At the end, she finally gave me, the "I'm done mom" look, and I knew I couldn't push her for any more. After all, she had been competing all week, she had given me 110% in rally, obedience and agility as well as conformation and these other girls had only come in to the conformation class. Winners is truely a working Dane. She will get her majors to finish her championship, but not that day.

Winners completed her International Championship with flair. She took BOB and Group 1 from a large group presentation.

Winners went on to compete in agility at Lake St Louis in Nov. and picked up 2 excellent standard legs. She also picked up another CD leg in Lansing, MI in Dec. She may or may not finish these titles before she comes in heat, but she will be bred and I look forward to this breeding. This should be an exceptional breeding between Winners and Valentine-Ch Chroma Hide Your Heart. Valentine is pictured below taking WD/BOW. He finished in 3 months owner handled by Judi Arsenault.

To learn more about the Winners/Valentine breeding, click on the picture of Valentine below.

I truely believe these will be puppies that will Win your Heart!

The breeding has taken place!!! We drove all the way to the East coast and the girls, Winners and her grandmother-Vanna at 11 1/2, got to see the ocean.

Vanna is running along the beach with me. She was rather bored with the ocean-just a big bunch of water to her I suppose, but the sea-weed had her fasinated!

Winners didn't know what to think about the water that kept coming at her. She never has been much of a water baby. Her first look was fun. (Yes, that is snow in the background.)

It was a long, but very successful trip.
Winners and Val are looking forward to becoming the parents on or around the 16th of April.

The pups arrived right on time!

Click on the pictures below to see the beautiful puppies grow.

Winners has been a great mom, but it is time for her to go back in the ring. After being out of the ring since Dec. 2010, Winners has proven herself to be every bit deserving to walk in Vanna's paw prints. With pregnancy and pups behind her, we went back to work. After only a few short weeks, a mishap! She ate a large dog toy and could not get it to come back up. Abdominal surgery resulted a mere 3 weeks before the obedience trial. Out of training for 2 weeks to recover, left only one week back in training before the show. Winners gave her all. On Sat she had a 196 in the works in Novice B obed, but anticipated the recall. No matter, we had Sun to try again. She did qualify in Rally Advanced and took 2nd place. Back on Sunday, she was wonderful. She missed one sit, losing 3 points, but still qualified with a 191 1/2 and taking 4th place out of 17 dogs! Way to go Winners!!! We ran over to the rally ring, and into it. I made a reading error and cost us a 10 point IP. We did Q, so she now has her second Rally Advanced leg, but she could have had a much nicer score and 1st place. I am so very proud of Winners. Her effort after all she has been through are what make her a true working girl.

Back in the ring in Jan. 2012. Winners seems to have liked the time off and is not concentrating too well. She still managed to finish her RA a score of 92. The next day she picked up her first RE leg, with 3rd place and a score of 94. Better than the day before, but not what I expect from Winners!

A few weeks later sh had a chance to redeem herself and fell a bit short. She was also showing in conformation and did show well in conformation, although she did not take the points. The ring was outside a soccer court, and I don't believe that was an issue for her, but none the less, she acted like a total air head. She did get second place and her second RE leg, but I was less than thrilled with her. I will continue to add updates as her career continues.

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