Introducing the futurity nominated litter of:

Int.Ch. UAgl Liberty's Mission Impossible CD,RN,OA,OAJ,NAP,NJP,CGC,TDI
(Liberty's King Aragorn V Esq
X Liberty's Spirited Away CD,CGC)


GDCA 2008 Agility HIT
2008 BOB
2010 IntCh-BOB,Group 1
GDCA National Specialty Wins 2010:
Rally Novice-1st,99
Novice Obedience-2nd,191
Open P Agility JWW-1st, 100
Bred By Exhibitor-1st. One of the last 5 standing for Winners Bitch.
Winners is a true example of a working girl!

Ch. Chroma Hide Your Heart
(CanCh. Von Ferden Paradisio
X Ch Chroma Turn The Page At Granite RN,CGC,TDI)


Owner handled to finish his championship in 3 months.
Val is currently being specialed to his grand championship. 4-23-11 he takes another select.

Winners and Valentine have been bred.

Puppies arrived on April 16th.

This litter has been futurity nominated.

To see the pedigree, you can click on the link below.

Whelped: April 16, 2011

Day 3, and the pups are settling in nicely. Winners is loving her role as mother.

The puppies are growing and moving around with ease. At a week old they are already crawling over Winners and sliding down the other side!

To see pics of the puppies at 1 week of age, click on the Easter picture below.

April showers bring May flowers and along with it, the pups turn 2 weeks old. Their eyes are opened, they are walking and playing with one another, Winners and myself. What fun! Click on the picture below to see the puppies at 2 weeks of age.

This litter is active and keeping me busy. They turned 6 weeks old on Memorial weekend. Click on the picture below to see their first attempts at stacking.

The puppies are now 8 weeks old and had a great time stacking for their flag day pictures. Click on the picture below to see the puppies at 8 weeks.

Before long the pups will go to their new homes, but one last group photo is in order before they go!

There is only 1 pup still available from this litter. She can be seen below. Eden has great performance potential. She is intelligent, athletic and structurally sound. Her personality and attitude make her a joy to train as well as live with. I am only sorry she wasn't blessed with show color as well as her many other attributes!

These pups come from a family history with exceptional temperaments, intelligence, structure and longevity. I follow the neuro stem program with all my litters and have for over 10 years. With the solid foundation given these pups before they leave, it is up to those that take them home to bring out their potential. These pups should show promise in any venue. Whether one choses conformation, performance, therapy work, a family companion or any combination of the above, a Liberty Dane/Chroma pup should not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Are you up to the challenge?
Serious inquirries only please.

Liberty Danes
Joyce Guthrie