Liberty's Jahari Heart RA,CGC,TDI

Her name is Swahili for wild wind. She caught my eye from birth, not the show marked pup I had hoped for, but something about this girl drew me in.

June 19, 2010

Sire: Ch. Chanoz Antz In My Pantz V Hntrgreen
Dam: Liberty's I Hope You Dance


Jahari made her debut at the 2010 Nationals with Winners and Vanna. She had a ball just being a puppy.

Jahari enjoyed training and that started very early on. Agility, tracking and obedience/rally are all in the cards for this little girl. At times, life can have other plans, and front leg surgery intervened and we had a set back of many months.

Training resumed and in April of 2011 she entered the KC Great Dane clubs Specialty and got her first rally novice leg a respctable score of 94. She finished her RN a few months later, but it was December before I could get her to a test to acquire both her CGC and TDI certifications.

In Jan. 2012 I was able to take Jahari back in the ring. She easily picked up her first two RA legs with second and third placement. A few weeks later, she finished her RA with a first place and a score of 95 as well as picking up her first CD leg with a first place and a score of 193.

The next day she came back and again gve a stellar performance. She picked up her first rally excellent leg with another first placement.

She just missed out on her second CD leg and what would have been most likely another first placement with another wonderful score. She anticipated the recall by just a hair. It was very close. If I had been thinking-I would have just called her to front and not bothered with her name. We would have made it! A bit of pilot error, knowing she was a bit on edge and ready to get going.

I am very proud of her accomplishments at such a young age, especially with having had such a rough start. She did not get the advantage of the exposure that all of my other Danes have had and so is much more green going into the ring than my other Danes. This makes her accomplishments so much more special, to me.

Although she will begin to compete in agility once she is old enough, I will keep her in the preferred classes and will keep her agility career to a minimum.

Jahari did as well for her second CD leg as her first, under less than ideal conditions. There was a soccer court next door. It was not as active as the night before, or later in the morning, when she was doing rally, but it was starting to get busy. She held it together well and got a 192 for her second CD leg and a 97 for her second RE leg for two second placements.

Jahari cam back with a vengeance-finishing her CD with a 195 1/2 in open completion, taking 3rd place in her class, and High Scoring Working Dog at the trial! She also won her rally class with a 99 finishing her RE title.

Her next trial was the GDCGKC specialty where she came home with High in Trial! Her performances more and more solid with each trial.

Her next time to shine was the GDCA 2012 National. She was entered in the Obedience Invitational. She competed and won!

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