Introducing the litter of:

Liberty's Lady Of Valor


daughter of
UAg1,UCD Liberty's Road To Rivendell CD,RE,OA,OAJ,NAP,NJP,CGC,TDI,TT

and granddaughter of
Eowyn's sire is
Ch. Mahame Liberty's Singin' N The Rain

"Bon Jovi"

She has been bred to
Int.Ch Liberty's Native Heart


He is also a Vanna grandson. He is singled out, looking for majors to finish.


Puppies are here! Whelped June 21st, 2012.

The following are pictures from the first few days to one week age.

These are followed by pictures of the puppies first meal around 4 weeks of age.

You can skip to pictures of the puppies at 5 weeks by clicking on the picture below.

Stacked pictures of the puppies at 5 1/2 weeks can be viewed by clicking on the picture below.

Enjoy watching the puppies' antics as they grow up.

The pups now have their eyes opened and are up on their feet. They are beginning to interact with each other and notice their environment. The fun begins.

How great life is at chow time.

"Come here, I want to tell you a secret."

Pups at play.

To see pictures of the puppies at two weeks of age, click on the picture below.

The pups are growing up so fast. Their personalities are starting to emerge.

Here they are getting their first meal, but where is my mantle boy-hard to miss him in this croud!

Here he is, he was still napping, and almost missed out!

Eowyn's pups are trying to get mom to play. She is giving me "the look."

This mantle male is already starting to retrieve.

They have eaten and played and now it is naptime.

To see pics of the puppies at play, at 5 weeks, click on the picture below.

I finally have the first stacked pictures of the puppies available. They were a little tense, but did well for their first attempt.

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