Introducing the litter of:

UAg1,UCD Liberty's Road To Rivendell CD,RE,OA,OAJ,NAP,NJP,CGC,TDI,TT


(Ch. PCH Esq's The Smokin' Gun


Ch. Mahame Liberty's Singin' N The Rain

"Bon Jovi"

(Ch Rainmaster's Just Do It,
Nike goes back to "AJ"
Liberty's As You Like It)

Whelped: May 31st, 2009

Below is Arwen watching over her new puppies.

There are 2 harlequin males, 2 harlequin females, 1 mantle merle male, 1 mantle merle female and 1 white male. The harles are all beautifuly marked. I will not know until the white puppy is about 4 weeks old whether or not he can hear.

The following are pictures of the puppies from 1-3 days of age.

These are the 2 harle females.

This is the harle female and the merle female. Notice the heart on the harles back?

Here is the other harle female with the merle female.

One of the harle males.

Both of the harle males and 1 of the harle females.

This is one of the harle males and the white male.

The following are assorted group shots of the pups.

Arwen is quite the mother! Her puppies are very fat and growing fast. Here they are at a week old

The harle males:

The harle females:

The merle male:

The merle female:

The white male:

It's Flag Day and the pups are 2 weeks old! Click on the flag below to see the pups now with their eyes opened.

The pups turned 5 weeks old on the 4th of July weekend. To see the puppies first attempts at stacking, click on the fireworks below.

To go through the interview process to get on the list for this litter, please feel free to contact me by phone. 573-220-3034. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about my Danes and my breeding program.

Liberty Danes
Joyce Guthrie