Memorials to my Canine Companions

I have been blessed to have had some very special Danes in my life. Each brought a special gift and holds a special place in my heart. As they pass from this world to the next I only hope I have given them half as much as they have given me.

Liberty's Little Joe
Aug.6, 1997-May 11, 2000

Liberty's Chisolm
June 20, 1994-July 10, 2001

Liberty's The Dance
September 11, 2000-May 6, 2001

Int. Ch. Liberty's Chelsea V Vindane CGC, TT, TDI
October 11, 1993-February 15, 2002

Deutchland's Kodiac CD, CGC
May 15, 1992-January 18, 2003

Some memorials are harder to write than others. The following ones have not yet been completed. Windsor and Kodi were "married". I know it was hard for her after he was gone, and was greatful she stayed with me for another 6 months before leaving me to join him. Junah's loss was and will forever be a shock. As with Joeanna, he was much too young, and had so much ahead of him. Contessa was the last of my four muskateers to leave. She had lost her sister, her father and then her mother. She loved Junah and he shared his energy with her. After he was gone, her light began to dim, and then on the aniversary of her fathers birth, she too was gone.

Elm's Lady Windsor V Vindane
March 13, 1992-July 18, 2003

Sp-HIT Liberty's Lgnd Of Bggr Vance CD,CGC
November 22, 2000-April 28, 2004

Liberty's Contessa V Vindane CD,CGC
October 11, 1993-May 15, 2004

Liberty's King Tutankhamun
July 16, 1996-June 21, 2006