Windsor is pictured here at 7 years young, the spring before she bloated. The cause of her bloat/torsion is unknown. It was a day like any other. She was acting a bit strange and by midmorning was moaning and had begun to show obvious signs of bloat. Acupressure points for shock, stress and abdominal pain were applied. The shock points and T-Touch ear work were applied while driving into the vet. She walked into the clinic. She was stabilized and an x-ray showed she had torsed so she was taken to surgery. Upon opening her up the vet discovered the stomach was partially dead and the spleen was affected as well. The vet gave three options:
1. Cut out the affected dead stomach tissue and sew the stomach back together, hoping the sutures would hold.
2. Fold in the affected dead tissue and hope all the tissue was found.
3. Not wake Winds up from the anesthesia.
Not feeling it was her time to go, option 2 was chosen. She lost 1/3 of her stomach, but her spleen was saved.

Winds was given daily acupressure treatments for abdominal pain, detoxification, immune system boosting, and calming.

Her recovery was nothing short of a miracle. She is referred to at the University as the miracle girl. She left the hospital sooner then they thought she would, and in much better shape than they thought she would.
Winds has only experienced one tummy episode since. She was appearing slightly uncomfortable. T-Touch belly lifts and python lifts were applied and after a rather large belch she was fine.

This picture was taken Oct. 2000 at the Great Dane Club of Americas National, 8+ veterans. As you can see she has made a complete recovery and should be around for some time.

Windsor celebrated her 9th birthday March 13, 2001, and is still going strong.