Int. CH Liberty's Braveheart
September 16, 1998-September 27, 2006

Sire: Ch. Heart's Bradbury O Sole Mio
Dam: Int. Ch. Liberty's Chelsea V Vindane CGC,TDI,TT


"Scotty" is an outgoing charsmatic young male. He started his career last fall, but due to his attention to the ladies, needs to do a bit of maturing and learn to keep his mind focused. He will be competing in both conformation and obedience this year. If all goes well, he will start agility as well. Scotty is a real charactor and keeps me laughing!

Scotty hamming it up.

Scotty waiting for cookies.

Still waiting for cookies.

Scotty taking his first reserve with his daddy's owner, Linda Cain, from the puppy classes.
Check for updates as his career continues.

Scotty is staying in the ribbons, and no doubt will soon start taking the points.

Flash: Scotty is now pointed! He took WD at Columbia on Saturday, March 11th, and WD, BOW and BOS over specials on Sunday, March 12th, expertly handled by Linda Cain.

Flash: Scotty takes WD and BOW Sat. Sept. 16. out of the bred-by class.

Scotty is continueing to take the points again taking WD, BOW from the bred-by class May 6, 2001 at Gray Summit.

He is now an International Champion.

Scotty wins again taking WD/BOW/BOS at Lawrence. Thank you Mrs. Jo Ann Dutton. He takes WD again the next day under Ms Patricia Laurans.

Scotty is shown here taking WD under Mr. Newton in Wichita, KS.

Scotty was WD again in Rock Island IL and will now be looking for majors to finish.

Although Scotty took WD, BOW in OK under Frank McArtha, he just missed his first major by 1 dog.

Scotty takes WD, at the Des Moines Great Dane Specialty, for a 4 point major. He now only needs one major to finish.

Scotty is available at stud to select bitches. His first litter was on the ground in November 2001. Scotty is the proud father of 10 puppies. See
previous litters.

The litter can be seen at
Scotty and Corinna's puppy page.

Puppy Update:As Scotty's pups are making their initial appearances in the ring, they are already catching the eye of the judges. In his first all breed match, Liberty's A King's Ransom, "Justus", takes a group 3.

Scotty and Corinna did it again. Their second litter is here, whelped November 26, 2002. Pictures are avialable on
Scotty and Corinna's puppy page.

Scotty is also a grandfather. One of his daughters, Jordon, was bred to Strider, a Vanna son. Jordon suprised me with a wonderful large litter! 12 in all. Sophia has already made a big splash in the show ring. Taking BOB and a group placement at her first puppy match.

I lost Scotty, tragically shortly after celebrating his 8th birthday. He was healthy, active and sound. Unfortunately, disaster struck, out of the blue, and his colon torsioned. Scotty is greatly missed.

Scotty's Memorial

The Past:
"Zac" "Caz"
The Foundation:
"Kodi" "Chisolm"
The Future:
"Tut" "Scotty" "Sheridan" "Junah"
Other's Special Boys:
"Jackson" "Levi" "Deus"