Massage Therapy

Several different types of massage are available. Pre and post event massage are used to warm up the muscles before an activity, and prevent injury, and to cool the body down after an activity and clean out the lactic acid to prevent muscle soreness.

Theraputic massage can be helpful for an animal recovering after an injury, surgery, or just overactivity.

Relaxation massage is just what it implies. Most of us would enjoy a nice massage to release tense muscles and give us a feeling of overall well being.

Massage sessions are available by appointment only. My location or yours. There is an additional charge for house calls. If your animal is under the care of a veterinarian for a specific injury it is requested that you check with your vet before seeking massage therapy.

I am also available at many dog shows and horse shows to do massage. Contact me for a travel schedule if you are interested.

Massage therapy isn't a replacement for veterinary care, it is rather a compliment to it.

I can be contacted at:
Equine and Canine Touch Therapies
Joyce Guthrie
Kingdom City, MO
(573)220-3034 or