Liberty Assistance Dogs,Inc.
est. 1993

Mission Statement:
LADI is non-profit 501-(c)(3) organization that provides assistance dogs for persons with disabilities and trains people to train their own assistance dogs. The dogs we provide are "rescue dogs"-rescued from a life of abandonment and neglect, then given training and purpose.

Service dogs fill an enormous need for indviduals with disabilities. Without special technology individuals can rely upon their service dog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter where they are-traveling on business, at the grocery store, home alone or at home with family and friends.

LADI is the only service dog organization that offers the following options:

1. We will fully train and place a service dog with you.
2. We will train you to train a dog we aptitude test for you.
3. We will train you to train your dog as your service dog.
4. We offer an online training program. Dogs will be certified in person.

The online program is a new program. Due to the number of people all over the country that want to train their own service dogs, but cannot come to our location, we have designed this program to help meet their needs. This program has been carefully designed to cover all areas of service work; socialization, obedience and service designation.
For more information on specific programs click on the link below.

LADI Online

For information and availability of service dogs, feel free to contact us at: or 573-220-3034

Phoebe, a LADI graduate with her owner and LADI trainer.


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