Introducing the litter of:

Liberty's I Hope You Dance


(Ch. Chanoz All The Rave,
Rave goes back to "AJ" and "Winning Colors"


Liberty's Lord Of The Maerahs
(UAg2,UCD Liberty's Road To Rivendell CD,OA,OAJ,NAP,NJP,CGC,TDI,TT
CH Mahame Liberty's Liberty's Singin' N The Rain RN,CGC)

These puppies double up on Vanna on both sides. This will be the last litter out of my last Vanna daughter. What ever comes, I greatly anticipate beauty, brains and athleticism in one increadible package.

Jetania and Shadowfax are the proud parents of a lovely litter of twin mantle girls. This is very ironic because before the girls were born, I had already decided I was going to call my keeper Jemini-because she would be doubled up on Vanna's bloodline. (Gemini spelled with a J in keeping with Jetania) Then when the twin girls were born, well it was destiny. The call name for the other girl will be Jumelle. The french word for twin. Of course I don't know which one I will be keeping and will not make my choice for some time, but for now, I am enjoying my special gift, my twins.

Whelped: April 18, 2012


Here are a few pictures of the puppies during the first week.

The following are pictures of the twins on day 12.
Their eyes are just starting to open and they are attempting to walk. They have started to notice each other, but Momma Jetania is still the best thing in their lives!

The pups are nearing 5 weeks of age and playing with toys as well as each other.

The pups are also digging in to their first meal.

Playing with and watching these to grow has been a total joy. The first stacked pictures are always a challenge, but with these two, they seemed to enjoy it.

These two have also been enjoying some of the agility toys and meeting new dogs. They are pictures here with one of their new poodle friends and sitting in the tunnel.

One of these girls will stay with me to do conformation and performance. I am looking for just the right home for the other. I feel both are spectacular and this is going to be a difficult decision!

If you are interested, feel free to contact me to go through the interview process.

At 8 weeks both girls are still so much the same. There are differences in personality and only slight differences in conformation. I have however, made my choice. Jemini, pictured below, is my keeper girl.

Liberty's Grand Illusion

Here is Jumelle.

Liberty's Mystique Reflection

Jumelle is available to a show home, or to just the right home only.

Her attributes are obvious-strong topline, angles and substance. Her attitude, intelligence and temperament are just as superior.

Liberty Danes
Joyce Guthrie