Introducing the litter of:

Liberty's I Hope You Dance


(Ch. Chanoz All The Rave,
Rave goes back to "AJ" and "Winning Colors"
IntCh,UACH,UCD Liberty's Magic Touch UD,OA,AXJ,RAE2,OAP,OJP,CGC,TDI,TT),


Ch. Chanoz Antz In My Pantz


Shofar finished owner handled, quickly by Lori Bielke, of Chanoz Great Danes.

(Ch Yandamar Harry Potter, HP is an import with exceptional lines and brings exciting new bloodlines to Liberty Danes,

Chanoz Little Light)
This beautiful bitch, although she didn't finish, is a daughter of the full sister to my great Vanna's sire.

My hope in bringing these two lovely dogs and this pedigree together, is that I will be bringing some wonderful fresh lines into Liberty Danes as well as the same outstanding lines that created my ever so special Vanna.

Jetania and Shofar are the proud parents of a lovely litter.

Whelped June 19, 2010


There are 3 Piebalds: 1 male black, 1 male merle, 1 female merle. 2 mantle merles: 2 females. 1 Mantle: female. 1 Harlequin: female.

Below are pics of the pups on day 2.

The pups turned 2 weeks old nearly on the 4th of July. Click on the picture below to see the puppies at 2 weeks of age.

Below are a few candid photos of the puppies at 4 weeks of age. I tried to catch their first meal, some play time and a few attempts at group shots.

And finally, here they are doing what they do best:

These puppies continue to warm my heart! Click on the picture below to see their first stacked pictures at 5 weeks.

I look forward to keeping updated pictures as the puppies grow. Feel free to check back weekly. They will be keeping me busy as I will be working with them daily.

At 5 weeks of age, they went outside, supervised by their Aunt Jordon.

By 6 weeks, they were out with Gramma Vanna.

They also got to meet their rather large, but gentle cousin Winterhawk, with Jordon supervising, of course.

With the pups now 7 weeks old, it is time to introduce some new toys. I only wish it weren't so hot and they could stay outside and play longer.
One of their favorite new toys is Eowyn.

Yes, that is Eowyn at the bottom of the pile.

She really enjoyed just letting the puppies crawl all over her while she rolled over.

I really did mean toys when I said toys. Not just more new doggy friends.
Here are a few of the pups playing king of the mountain on the "tables."

What could be more fun than running through the tunnel?

Seeing how many puppies we can fit in the tunnel at one time, of course!

All these puppies are outgoing, inquisitive, ahtletic puppies. They will make great performance puppies, or wonderful companions.

You can click on their bright beautiful faces below if you would like to see a larger version of these pictures.

These beautiful puppies have reached the 8 week mile stone. They have survived temperament testing, conformation evaluations and stacking for 8 week photos in spite of terrible heat. We had hoped for cooler weather, but did not get lucky.






Here is the male available to a performance or companion home.


Click on the walking harle to see stacked pics of the puppies at 8 weeks of age.

At this time I only have one puppy still available. Feel free to contact me to go through the interview process.

The pups will be going to their new homes soon. Here is the last group photo of my wonderful group of Jetania/Shofar puppies. They are having a great time, as usual.

Liberty Danes
Joyce Guthrie