Introducing the litter of:

SpHIT, UCD Liberty's Jahari Heart CD,RE,CGC,TDI, GDCA 2012 Novice Invitational Champion


(Ch. Chanoz Antz In My Pantz Huntergreen,
Shofar brings in some European lines
Liberty's I hope You Dance, a "Vanna" X "Rave" daughter. IntCh,UACH,UCD Liberty's Magic Touch UD,OA,AXJ,RAE2,OAP,OJP,CGC,TDIA,TT,ASCA-HIT),


Liberty's Lord Of The Maerahs
(UAg2,UCD Liberty's Road To Rivendell CD,OA,OAJ,NAP,NJP,CGC,TDI,TT
CH Mahame Liberty's Liberty's Singin' N The Rain RN,CGC)

These puppies double up on Vanna on both sides. Shadowfax was bred to Jetania, Jaharis' mother, and produced two beautiful mantles, I anticipate this breeding will produce puppies with the same beautiful attributes: floating movements, correct structure, wonderful outgoing personalities, intelligence and athleticism.

Jahari and Shadowfax are the proud parents of a lovely litter. Whelped: January 22, 2014


There are 2 harlequins, a male and a female. 4 mantles, 3 males and 1 female. 4 merles, all female.

When possible, there will be a live feed to a web cam.

The puppies are growing up quickly. They are proving to be active, inquisitive and intelligent.

Stacked pics of the puppies at 8 weeks of age can be seen by clicking on the picture below.

The following are the puppies playing with the agility equipment, learning to balance and develop muscles while playing!

Here are the two harles running through the tunnels.

How many puppies can fit in the tunnel at one time?

The obstacle course is a challenge-the merle female is wondering if it is worth all the hard work!

Finally, the weaves. All the puppies get a turn.

Portraits were taken at 5 weeks of age. Their beautiful faces are below.

These are the two harles, male and female.

These are the two show marked mantle males.

These are the mismarked mantles, male and female.

Here are the four beautiful merle girls.

The puppies are playful. Getting them to stay still long enough for Valentine pictures was a challenge.

The puppies are 3 weeks old in the photos below.

Here are a few pictures of the puppies during the first week.

The following are pictures of the puppies during the second week of their life.

Several of the puppies are already spoken for, but a few are still available to show or companion homes. Feel free to contact me to go through the interview process.

I reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone at any time, should I determine they are not an appropriate home for one of these puppies.

Liberty Danes
Joyce Guthrie