Three Yearlings

I was presented with three yearlings that had never been touched by human hands. They had also been with their mothers up to this point. They were herded into seperate stalls. Two of the three handled this very well. The third began rearing up and bashing her chest against the stall walls. It was decided to work with this fillie first.

Whisper is a very pretty yearling filly that was very shy and unhappy with confinement. T-Touch was started with the wand. She was stroked with the wand and asked to move and stop going around the stall. She responded very well to the wand. Circles were then applied with the wand. She was allowed room to move away when she felt uncomfortable. She allowed circles with the back of the hand on the neck and body areas on day 1. On day 2 she allowed circles all over the body and face, but only stroking with the wand on her legs. Acupressure points for calming were worked and rescue remedy was added to her water. The halter was applied on day 2, but no rope was attached. On day three she allowed touches all over her body as well as haltering and leading in the stall. On day 4 she was led out of the stall and around the farm in the homing pigeon position. She was led by one handler on day 5. After this she allowed routine grooming including having her feet picked up. She was lead back out to pasture.

Winchester is a yearling stud colt. He was the calmest of the three. He was stroked with the wand, and circles applied all over his body, including his legs on day one. The halter was applied and he was led in the stall as well on day 1. On day two he was T-Touched in the stall, haltered and then led up and down the shed row. By day 3 he was being led all over the farm as well as allowing grooming and having his feet picked up.

Jetta is a very large warmblood yearling filly. She isn't shy, but tends to freeze when unsure of what is being asked of her. She was stroked with the wand and touches were applied to her body with the exception of her legs. She was started and stopped in the stall. The halter was applied the first day but she was not led out of the stall. On day two she was stroked and touches applied to her body and legs. She was haltered and led around the barn area in the homing pigeon position. By day three she was accepting the touches to her legs and grooming. She was being led by one handler and, although moved into her handler when unsure of the surroundings, was responding very well.

All three were turned back out to pasture on day 5. Several months later they were all caught, in the pasture, and brought into the barn for their first hoof trim. All were stroked and touches applied to the legs before the farrier worked on them. Whisper stood quietly. Winchester stood quietly. Jetta pulled her front leg a bit at first and then settled down to allow the farrier to do his job.

I have halter broken many young horses in my time and never with the ease and lack of pulling or resistance that these three showed.