Eli is a beautiful year old german shepherd male. His owners were very concerned with a peristant lameness that was causing Eli to not want to play, or eat. He seemed to be in pain and had lost his zest for life. If nothing could be done to help Eli euthanasia was being considered. This family had been to several vets and no answer to the problem could be found.

Eli came into the treatment room slowly completely non-weight bearing on one hind leg. Acupressure was applied for hip and back pain, bone support and inflamation reduction. T-Touches were performed around the hips and back and shoudlers, massage was applied to the shoulders and back.
Eli got up after his first treatment and limped around the room. He was actually putting the pad of the affected leg on the floor. He was sent home with points to be worked for pain and special hot packs applied to the hip area.
Eli returned 4 days later. He was trotting around the room. He still had a limp. The previous treatment was repeated with the same instructions upon returning home.
Eli returned 4 days later. What I saw still amazes me. He was trotting and jumping around with no visible sign of limping. He was eating and playing like year old pup should have been.

The following is a letter from Eli's parents:

Although conventional medicine didn't offer the help Eli needed, I still feel strongly that in any case a vet should be consulted prior to treatment. I am thrilled that I was able to help Eli and that he will be able to go on and have a happy healthy life.