Cat is a 4 yr old app/welsh pony cross. She is well broke, but during the first three days of her heat cycle becomes cranky and will buck with the children. She also has a problem with her milk bag filling and not going down until winter.

An acupressure treatment to balance her hormones and reduce the milk was applied. Within 24 hours after the first treatment the milk was gone.

She was allowed to come into her next cycle without a treatment to see how lasting the effects might be. There was no improvement. It was decided a treatment would be performed just before she was due to cycle again. The treatment was performed as above. Her cycle came and went without incident.

One more treatment was applied just before the next cycle. Again she cycled without any of the problems described above. This was the last treatment performed that year and there were no other problems that year. The following year one treatment was performed at the onset of her first season and no other treatments were necessary.