Cue is shown above working GV 1. This acupressure point is used to stimulate defication. Cue is working this point to stimulate the first defication with her new born foal. It amazes me that animals have such an instinctual nature about these things. You will see animals of all kinds working points all the time, if you know what to look for. Is your horse continually rubbing the same spot? Is your dog licking a certain area? Chances are if you look up the corresponding acupressure point you will be amazed that this has some connection to a problem your animal is having.

The following services are available:

Hands on therapy; my location or yours. There is an additional charge for farm or house calls.

Acupressure packets designed for common problems with dogs and horses. These include calming, shock and stress, detoxification, abdominal pain, and aspirin points.

Personal consultation through email, or phone. A personalized packet for you individual problem is sent with a description of how to perform the therapy, a body map of the points to be worked, an explaination of what the points afect, and where they are located on the body. Phone consults for assistance once the packet is recieved are also available.

1 day clinics to demonstrate the basic techniques, and the benefits of acupressure.

For information about prices and to set up appointments contact:
Equine and Canine Touch Therapies
Joyce Guthrie CAT, CMT, T-Touch Practitioner